24th September 2013

There is a dark secret about grief that nobody tells you. You know what it is? It surfaces at the most insane times.

When you’re lazing around at home on a Sunday and you notice the empty brown chair in the corner

When you’re rifling through old e-mails looking for something and you glance at the sender’s name

When you listen to a Coldplay album and remember who bought it

When you’re watching a random episode of Glee and they cover ‘Footloose’ 

When you realise that Christmas only a few months away. 

When you look at the electric guitar lying in a corner, gathering dust..


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  • Reply Arun Chitnis 24th September 2016 at 6:51 pm

    And then you take a deep breath, blink a couple of times and think of all the other stuff you have – the beautiful new home you’ve made with him, the laughs you have together, catching up on each others’ day after you get back from work, cuddling and watching the rain come down, being his #1 groupie when he performs on stage, making up after a fight, long weekends together on sultry beaches… And you realize that life goes on, and that looking at what you have is so much more rewarding that brooding over what you’ve lost

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