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You vs you

2nd February 2014

When your life is turned upside down, there’s always a before and an after. Books, movies and songs tell you about the before part — but it’s the after that’s really unsettling. Not scary, because you’ve grappled through the darkest moments and you know how to grip tightly to each foothold, before you make the leap to find the next one. There’s no fear anymore because you’re done being paralysed by “what if” and “is it time?”

In the after, there is now sudden reflection. Choices are shiny, the music is louder and the words begin to speak to you again. You’re a whole person again, you’re not just someone trying to get through each day at a time. The time to be a crutch is gone. The time to find meaning in someone else’s dreams has passed you by. It’s time to face the one thing that is gnawing at your heart: this person is you — this person with layers and a blanket of loss is you. So now what’s next — what’s next for YOU?

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