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How to get that boho chic decor vibe in your bedroom

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For a girl who usually loves her florals, I’ve suddenly discovered a new found love for a whole new more muted decor aesthetic known as boho chic. To be honest, the various definitions are confusing, but I’ve come to understand there are a few common factors that are associated with this style:

  • layering completely different elements to bring in a sense of playful casualness
  • contrasting solid colours with geometric shapes and patterns
  • playing with handmade and more natural textures

Over the past few weeks, I picked up some products from Amazon & combined them whatever I already had to see how I could introduce some of these boho chic elements in our bedroom. Although I’ve more or less stuck to the the factors identified above, I prefer a more muted & neutral colour palette and have not (yet) gone overboard on the eclectic colourful side of things but who knows – that might change!

Breaking down the neutral boho chic bedroom aesthetic

A neutral-toned bed sheet

The first element you should focus on is the one that is least visible – remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. By this, I mean the your choice of bed sheet and main pillow covers. For the past few years, I’ve stuck to using solid colour bed sheet sets because I feel these give me an easy canvas to experiment with. I’ve found that I really like the queen-size bed sheet sets from AmazonBasics. I tend to bulk-buy these in 2-3 different colours during an online sale because they come in a convenient set containing a fitted sheet + flat sheet + 2 pillow covers for an affordable price that’s usually about Rs. 999. For this boho chic bedroom look, I’ve used the set in beige to stay with the earthy, neutral-toned theme. You can also pick colours like white, grey or brown.

A plain, textured bed cover

The next element is your bed cover. These are a great way to bring a sense of uniformity to your look because they can easily hide the clash of personalities underneath when it comes to the duvet/quilt/razai/dohar whatever that you prefer and may not want to display to the world. Again, I simplified things for myself here by picking up two of the same kind from IKEA which I alternate between bed linen changes. I love this plain white textured bedspread from IKEA (Rs. 999) because it makes everything look clean and inviting without taking away any attention from other elements.

Now for the fun stuff – cushions!

I’ve typically only stuck to using cushions that are 16 x 16 throughout my house, because they’re a common & convenient size. This time, I wanted to try something slightly different especially since layering patterns and textures was something I was looking forward to and you need to have multiple sizes to get a decent effect. As I browsed through different images online, I noticed that this decor style employed the liberal use of cushions with “tribal” or “aztec” prints. You can also use cushions that have macrame work, tassles or fringes – sometimes referred to as “shaggy” cushions. After looking through several sites online, I found a couple of cushion covers that matched what I had in mind – both in terms of style and price!

The one on the left is a decorative soft tribal throw pillow case that fits 16 x 24 bed pillows, and the one on the right is a white & black textured every day cushion cover that fits an 18 x 18 cushion filler. I really love the rough & textured feel of both, and they both essentially act as the statement pieces of the whole look. They look a lot classier than printed cushion covers! You’ll need to purchase these individually, so you can also just pick one if you want to do something simple, or pick up multiple for something more elaborate. The brand that sells the throw pillow case has a whole range of cushion and pillow covers in this same textured feel, and they all look really nice and “boho”.

Bonus: functional storage that matches the boho chic theme

These jute baskets / planters are all the rage right now, and I really love how multi-purpose they are! I use them as plant holders as well as a catch-all for my bedside switchboard in which I plug in all my devices to charge through the night. It helps hide all the ugly wires and keeps everything in place! The natural jute texture and colour fits right into the boho chic decor theme, so it the perfect addition for if you want to use it as a plant holder, magazine/book holder or anything else.

If you love this version of boho chic decor as much as I do, leave a comment below and let you know what your favourite elements are and/or where you’ve bought your favourite home decor item from! I’m thinking of styling the bed with a throw, so if I find one that matches, I’ll update this post.

(All images are mine, as is the cat)

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  • Sreepathy Paliath
    25th August 2020 at 7:34 pm

    Mum likes jute, so thanks for this! Also, where did you get that breakfast table/bedside table from? Looks really cool!


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