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Pieces of the Wall

11th August 2011

I’ve never had the courage to write about Rahul Dravid. Like actually sit down and write a piece he deserves, like I’d want to. Maybe someday I will, but till then I am more than happy to read some wonderful pieces of writing on him that pop up now and then. Since I find myself going back to some of them quite often, I thought I’d make a list of some of the (in my opinion) really brilliant ones. I’m…

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Adele, Writing and Test Cricket

4th August 2011

I know that I really need to be writing more often, but I suppose this is what happens if writing is a major part of your day job! Also, this is what happens when you get used to restricting yourself to 140 characters *glares at a certain micro-blogging site* Anyway what have I been doing? Listening to Adele, pretty much all day long. Her voice is so incredibly beautiful and her words seem to pull thoughts right out of my…

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4th November 2010

Today was a day for heroes. First, there was Rahul Sharad Dravid and his magnificent 104 against New Zealand. I didn’t watch any part of his innings, but kept a close eye on the score. I can’t help but admire this man, I don’t know how exactly it started, but he’s been one of the few people/things I *believe* in and no I am not saying that in a fanatical-SQUEEEE-fangirl kind of way (okay, maybe just a little bit). Then,…

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Cricket Dravid Life Loves Twenty-Twenty


14th April 2010

Today, I sit here and tell myself I will write. About what I don’t know, but you’re here already reading this so I might as well say something. I’ve been watching Glee lately, and I love it. It seems plastic and superficial at first, you know high-school-drama (sigh) and cool kids and not-so-cool kids and teacher crushes and same-age-boy crushes. But then all these characters sing amazingly, fantastically, mind-blowingly well AND none of them are clear cut black and white…

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C : Commentary

26th April 2009

The art of telling the viewers what they can already see, but doing it loudly, and with disorienting persistence, whilst mentioning as many sponsors as scientifically possible using a human voice-box. Aimed to assault rather than inform, to overwhelm rather than illuminate. In the old days of televised Test cricket, an entire 20 overs could pass without any commentator saying anything (in fact, during some lulls in play, the only discernible sign that the BBC commentary box was still populated…

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Cricket Dravid Twenty-Twenty

It’s “live”, alright!

20th April 2008

As I sit here and (to put it mildly) admire a certain Royal Challengers captain, I notice that the commentators are talking to the wicketkeeper of the Mumbai Indians as the game is going on. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t this distract him? The poor thing would have to firstly strain to actually hear what the commentators are asking him/ saying through the noisy crowd, and then secondly he’d have to answer while keeping his eyes on the…

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I heart my team.

23rd September 2007

We won. Against Australia. Let me repeat that.. Against Australia. As in they lost and we won. As in we beat them. As in we are going into the final, and they are going home. As in we were better than them this match. AS in we were amazing. As in we were fantastic. Ok I think I made my point 🙂 Also.. Well played, Yuvraj!…

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Phase 1 Down.. 2 to go!

16th September 2007

So I finished my first set of exams on Friday. The next set will be in January and then my finals in *gulp* March. I dislike commenting on how my papers went, since my answer will invariably be held against me either at that time, or later! However, I did figure out that one of the secrets to writing an ISC exam is to actually write everything you know about a particular topic, regardless of if you have actually finished…

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