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Just A Writer

14th March 2011

Two days ago, I turned on my Kindle 2 (recently handed down to me after the ‘rents acquired a Kindle 3 – with a gorgeous new burgundy cover that I’m so in love with) to try to get through some boring, blah reading material for college. Instead, I see that at some point during the day, my father had put  Wil Wheaton’s ‘Just A Geek’ on it, which he had finished reading in one shot the night before. Now, I’ve…

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Randomly like that only, da.

12th November 2007

Apologize (Timbaland feat. One Republic) and With Me (Sum 41) are the current favourites. Sometimes friends who might have faded into oblivion have a way of walking back and picking up not quite where they left off.. and it’s a nice feeling 🙂 It is now the last-but-one-month. I can’t bear to think of saying goodbye to that lovely building! There is something comforting about seeing a pond with goldfish in it. I spent half an hour arguing with a…

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Phase 1 Down.. 2 to go!

16th September 2007

So I finished my first set of exams on Friday. The next set will be in January and then my finals in *gulp* March. I dislike commenting on how my papers went, since my answer will invariably be held against me either at that time, or later! However, I did figure out that one of the secrets to writing an ISC exam is to actually write everything you know about a particular topic, regardless of if you have actually finished…

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My Moment

15th April 2007

Sometimes one of the hardest things in the world for me is to stop “living” for a second, and ask myself if I’m really taking in everything around me. Last night, I couldn’t sleep ( I later realized that my pillow was missing – oh, the dependency on pillows!) , but there really wasn’t anything I could do other than just shut my eyes and try and count sheep. However, after a valiant effort, I still couldn’t get to sleep.…

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