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Adele, Writing and Test Cricket

4th August 2011

I know that I really need to be writing more often, but I suppose this is what happens if writing is a major part of your day job! Also, this is what happens when you get used to restricting yourself to 140 characters *glares at a certain micro-blogging site* Anyway what have I been doing? Listening to Adele, pretty much all day long. Her voice is so incredibly beautiful and her words seem to pull thoughts right out of my…

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The Next Step

19th May 2011

Back when I was in college.. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) .. my friends would joke about my obsession to stay organized. In final year, this was symbolized by my kick-ass pink folder which a friend gave me as a christmas present.The fact that it contained all my notes and handouts never translated into me getting the highest marks or anything amazingly special. At the end of the day, it was just a folder filled with plastic sheets that held a…

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Things people never tell you about college

16th May 2011

I’m officially a graduate! Now I can dispense college-related advice 🙂 I might say things like ..  Never take the canteen for granted. Sometimes, you may disagree with its choices and leave, but once you realise that the KFC down the road is just too high maintainance, you’ll go running back. Teachers have favourites, no matter what they tell you. The sooner you accept this, the better. Then its up to you if you want to be one of those…

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My first collection : Bits of BMTC

5th May 2011

 My first collection of writing! This is a collection I wrote for my final semester writing portfolio. Each piece is a reflection of what 
I  have  felt/seen/heard/experienced while traveling through Bangalore using BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) buses. To download as .pdf, click here.…

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12th March 2011

Who have I been, the last three years? I was a film maker. I agonized over the story, the casting, the music, the editing. I spent a couple of evenings hiding in the editing room with my group, huddled up in front of the Mac as we fixed last minute glitches. There was even an evening where one nice member of the support staff let us stay on, on the condition that we needed to keep all the lights off…

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Aattinkutti (Lamb)

8th March 2011

Our short film, Aattinkutti (Lamb) [vimeo 20782984 w=400 h=265] Aattinkutti (Lamb) from Geetanjali Chitnis on Vimeo. Aattinkutti (Lamb) – a short film made by a group from the Communicative Studies Graduating Batch of 2011, Mount Carmel College (Bangalore).…

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