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Colour to B/W

3rd May 2011

Yesterday, my ten-year-old cousin asked me a question that got me thinking : “What did those guys who were flying the planes that hit the twin towers get out of the whole thing?” I floundered like a headless chicken while trying to answer this. How was I going to explain the entire situation to a kid who was born into a WTC-less world? I had always assumed that the attacks had a profound effect on every person on the planet,…

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Just A Writer

14th March 2011

Two days ago, I turned on my Kindle 2 (recently handed down to me after the ‘rents acquired a Kindle 3 – with a gorgeous new burgundy cover that I’m so in love with) to try to get through some boring, blah reading material for college. Instead, I see that at some point during the day, my father had put  Wil Wheaton’s ‘Just A Geek’ on it, which he had finished reading in one shot the night before. Now, I’ve…

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Quarter life crisis

3rd October 2009

Light up, light up As if you have a choice Even if you cannot hear my voice I’ll be right beside you dear Grey’s Anatomy has got me listening to a bunch of songs I used to listen to a hundred times a day. Run by Snow Patrol is one of them. It’s probably one of the most amazing songs ever. When did life get here? I’m nineteen. My get-to-be-emo days are almost over. My little cousins are not so…

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If this were Facebook..

10th June 2009

..this would say : Geetanjali Chitnis is back from her blogging hiatus. Let me say that a) the hiatus was totally unplanned for and b) I have no idea why I’m blabbing about the hiatus but then c) I’ve always wanted to make one of these hello-I-am-back-from-my-hiatus-did-you-miss-me-oh-say-you-did-please kind of posts. ANYWAY. Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of..old. It might have something to do with the fact that I was a “working” woman for a month, since I interned at one…

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Daddy’s little grown up girl

10th June 2008

Sitting in my dad’s cubicle, in the chair behind his desk. I feel like those little children who, when they visit their dad’s office, yearn to grow up quickly and become “adults”. I should add that I just visited school to pick up my marks card and my transfer certificate, and am now officially a college girl.…

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