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How To Use Journal Cards In Your Filofax/Other Ring-Bound Organizer

25th May 2015

I really like concept of using journal cards – like those for Project Life – but I don’t (yet) own a setup with the album etc. That hasn’t stopped me from being fascinated with the hundreds of journal cards available online. So I figured out a way of using them with my personal-sized Filofax Saffiano. Here’s how! It took me a while to figure out where I could  get all these crafty tools, but thanks to a  couple of local and…

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The Planner Diaries – Favourite Filofax Personal Printables

28th April 2015

I have recently begun trying to seriously use the gorgeous Filofax Raspberry Personal Saffiano organizer I bought at the end of last year. So this means entering the world of “personalizing” an organizer, and much of my efforts to create a system that works for me have been fuelled by some lovely printables I found on Etsy. Yes, these cost money – but hey! Instant downloads, so instant gratification 🙂 Here are some of my favourite Filofax personal (paper size 3.7″ x…

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