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New year, new blog post

7th January 2018

2017 was a fulfilling year, in more ways than one. On the professional front, it was my first year as an independent content strategist, and I am happy to report that I didn’t spend my days (well, not all of them) in my PJs. One of the most exciting projects I worked on was developing content for the Geist website. I had so much fun working with the team that I didn’t want to stop at just that – I now lead…

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Life People

My Christmas Miracle

24th December 2015

We’d been procrastinating a bit about buying decorations for our tree. On Monday, we finally got around to it, and as we were heading home this vehicle pulled up in front of us:   At the exact moment, Geeth’s iPhone playlist decided to start playing Dream Theater’s The Spirit Carries On: [su_youtube url=””]     Merry Christmas, Papa.…

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Life Loves

8 years later..

4th October 2015

When I turned 16 (in 2006), my dad wrote this blog post and I remember how I felt when I read this line: “In 1978, when I was 16, I was a year away from meeting the girl who would eventually become my wife..” My parents’ love story is the stuff of legends. They met in college, and got married 8 years later.  I grew up listening to stories of my father’s relentless pursual of my mother,  and her frustration…

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Life Travel

Time to become a tourist at home

26th July 2015

Last evening, I discovered Aliyeh Rizvi’s delightful talk titled “The Past in the Present”. Here’s a description of the talk from the Creative Mornings website: Finding ourselves in between spaces Why is engaging with the past so important? – of course there are lessons to learn (which we normally never do), engaging with the past enhances our cultural pride; a sense of legacy which forms a powerful connect to the present – our collective identity as Bangaloreans, and it also…

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Filofax Life

How To Use Journal Cards In Your Filofax/Other Ring-Bound Organizer

25th May 2015

I really like concept of using journal cards – like those for Project Life – but I don’t (yet) own a setup with the album etc. That hasn’t stopped me from being fascinated with the hundreds of journal cards available online. So I figured out a way of using them with my personal-sized Filofax Saffiano. Here’s how! It took me a while to figure out where I could  get all these crafty tools, but thanks to a  couple of local and…

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Life People

Emily McDowell’s Empathy Cards

7th May 2015

A Cancer Survivor Designs the Cards She Wishes She’d Received From Friends and Family [Slate]    I just finished reading this article about Los Angeles–based designer Emily McDowell, and her non-traditional Empathy Cards. McDowell herself was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 24, but went into remission after nine months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Going through the cards, I realised that they were reflective of so many things I wanted to say to first my own father, as well other people…

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Featured Filofax Life Loves

The Planner Diaries – Favourite Filofax Personal Printables

28th April 2015

I have recently begun trying to seriously use the gorgeous Filofax Raspberry Personal Saffiano organizer I bought at the end of last year. So this means entering the world of “personalizing” an organizer, and much of my efforts to create a system that works for me have been fuelled by some lovely printables I found on Etsy. Yes, these cost money – but hey! Instant downloads, so instant gratification 🙂 Here are some of my favourite Filofax personal (paper size 3.7″ x…

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Food Loves Photo Journal

Photo Journal: April 10, 2015

11th April 2015

    Tried the “Bite Full of Jamun” ice cream at Cream Stone, Kalyan Nagar (Bangalore). Jamun happens to be my favourite fruit, and this was yummy. The real bits of fruit mixed into the creaminess really make the whole thing delicious. Perfect flavour for this hot Bangalore summer — go try it! …

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