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G, G & G(oa)

5th April 2014

Exactly a week ago, I got the surprise of my life. Let’s just say there were some wonderful people, biriyani and a ring involved 😉 At midnight, as my 24th birthday rolled in, I found myself sitting in the bleak office of Seabird Travels with G waiting for the bus to Goa to arrive. I spent part of my birthday on the beach, book in one hand, beer in the other and sand under my feet.  The sea, as always, felt…

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People Travel

Sky-high customer satisfaction

12th November 2013

I love flights. From the time I leave for the airport till the moment I exit the airport of my destination, I pretty much have a big silly grin plastered on my face. However, I’m well aware of the reasons why many regular air travellers loathe the thought of getting on another airplane, and a conversation with someone who had recently made a trip to Bangalore from the US made me think about the opportunities for improving the in-flight experience.  For…

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BMTC Life Loves Travel


27th June 2011

You know what joy is? Joy is reading an article in the paper about BMTC launching a new ‘feeder’ bus service called Big Connect. Joy is spotting half of your daily route to work covered in that list of new routes. Joy is finding out that there are not one, or two, but SIX new buses on this route. Joy is actually catching that bus and reaching home a whole 45 mins earlier. BMTC, today you have made me an…

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BMTC Books Education Writing

My first collection : Bits of BMTC

5th May 2011

 My first collection of writing! This is a collection I wrote for my final semester writing portfolio. Each piece is a reflection of what 
I  have  felt/seen/heard/experienced while traveling through Bangalore using BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) buses. To download as .pdf, click here.…

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