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Emily McDowell’s Empathy Cards

7th May 2015

A Cancer Survivor Designs the Cards She Wishes She’d Received From Friends and Family [Slate]    I just finished reading this article about Los Angeles–based designer Emily McDowell, and her non-traditional Empathy Cards. McDowell herself was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 24, but went into remission after nine months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Going through the cards, I realised that they were reflective of so many things I wanted to say to first my own father, as well other people…

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Can we please not trivialise critical illnesses in advertisements?

1st February 2015

I’ve been on the other side: “We need to make this creative, get people to remember it”. The easiest way? “Let’s make it funny!” But using cancer as a comic crutch in an ad is pretty low, Bharti AXA. I’m going to describe the ad the best way I can: a man is sitting in front of his doctor who says “Sorry Ashok, you’ve got cancer”. The next few screens show the man in the background as he watches his son’s new…

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The beginning of the end

23rd August 2014

Exactly two years ago, I came back home from work to a relatively empty house (my two GSDs and cat were glad to see that at least one of the humans hadn’t abandoned them, which they assumed was the case every time someone left the building). My parents were meeting with our family doctor to figure out what was behind the pains in my dad’s abdominal area. I was a carefree 22 year-old, and the only real issue in my…

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