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Restaurant Trail – Goa (November ’15)

14th November 2015

[su_carousel source=”media: 1432,1431,1430,1429,1428,1408,1402,1395″ limit=”8″ link=”lightbox” items=”4″] My three-day vacation in Goa ended way too early for my liking. This time, I tried to take notes on the various restaurants we visited. If you ask Geeth, he will tell you that the only thing I seem to order when in Goa is seer fish curry and rice, and for the most part, he’s right. But I also tried some other stuff in between, so here’s a recap of sorts: Infantaria Infantaria…

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Finding Fanny: The perfect, quiet Goan moment

14th September 2014

If love came in different shades, Finding Fanny would be an ode to the pastel kind. The movie is crafted for easy consumption, to be waded through like skiing on butter, peppered occasionally with feelings of betrayal, and anger that take you by surprise simply because they pierce the easy-going atmosphere — like sudden smears of purple or red.…

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G, G & G(oa)

5th April 2014

Exactly a week ago, I got the surprise of my life. Let’s just say there were some wonderful people, biriyani and a ring involved 😉 At midnight, as my 24th birthday rolled in, I found myself sitting in the bleak office of Seabird Travels with G waiting for the bus to Goa to arrive. I spent part of my birthday on the beach, book in one hand, beer in the other and sand under my feet.  The sea, as always, felt…

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Goan down memory lane

21st April 2013

Goa meant virgin piña coladas, afternoon siestas and endless hours on the beach.  I have memories of dashing into the water wearing my favorite yellow swimsuit that had three stripes running diagonally across. I remember posing for a picture when my father suddenly picked me up and swung me around, both of us ending up with surprised grins on our faces.  Another memory popped up: this time of when I was eight. The warmth of the sun on my face as I stood…

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