When I turned 16 (in 2006), my dad wrote this blog post and I remember how I felt when I read this line: “In 1978, when I was 16, I was a year away from meeting the girl who would eventually become my wife..”

My parents’ love story is the stuff of legends. They met in college, and got married 8 years later.  I grew up listening to stories of my father’s relentless pursual of my mother,  and her frustration as she waited for him to feel like he had got somewhere in life so that they could finally get married. I dutifully watched their wedding video cassette (“but Mummy, where am I!?”)  at least once a year till our video cassette player stopped functioning sometime in the early 2000s.

Then I discovered Mills & Boons novels. Would someone someday hold my gaze with his smouldering eyes? Would I too get a passionate declaration of undying love?

In 2003 – I was a gawky thirteen year old with a broken heart. Why? My childhood crush – Rahul Dravid – decided to tie the knot. But that year, another Josephite – also from St. Josephs College of Commerce – walked into my life. The first time I heard of this boy was when I looked at a greeting card Gaurav had given my dad on his birthday – it was signed Gaurav & Geeth. “What an interesting name!”, I thought. Then I heard that he shared his birthday with my dad, so that was even more amusing. I don’t remember when we first met that year, but one meeting has certainly been documented:

At my 13th birthday party in 2003.  The bored looking scrawny boy on the left is Geeth, and I'm in front of him looking away.

At my 13th birthday party in 2003. The bored looking scrawny boy on the right is Geeth, and I’m in front of him looking away.

At the time, let’s just say that Geeth had other priorities and to be fair, so did I. But we continued to bump into each other occasionally over the next four years and became casual acquaintances – until Aerosmith came to Bangalore. There was definitely something magical about the night of June 2, 2007 because that night, over a group dinner at Infinitea on Cunningham Road, we gave each other a second look and three months later, our love story began officially on September 1. This year, on August 21st, we got married.

We planned our wedding together, with the support of our wonderful families and friends. We chose to get married in church, and it was beautiful. Bangalore weather decided to chip in by showering us with rain, but we didn’t care. We had waited a long, long time and nothing was more important than celebrating 🙂

My father wrote that blog post in 2006 —  a year later, I (sort of) “met” the man who would eventually become my husband and 8 years later…

Version 2

Photo Credit: Jude Lazaro


I’m writing this post because on some days, it feels like there’s no magic left in the world. And when I personally feel that way, then I think back to everything that has happened to me. August 21st was the start of something new, and the victory of something old – of patience, of faith and of love. We’ve been through it all – flirting, 4-hour long phone calls, silly fights, romantic dinners and the works. But that’s not what I remember today.

What I remember is the hours we spent talking each other through tough decisions, the quiet and strong presence I felt engulf me as I stood by my father’s side in the ICU and said my goodbyes, the pride I heard in the voice that congratulated me when I got my first job. No Mills & Boon will ever match up to that!

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    4th October 2015 at 10:11 pm

    This is simply beautiful Anjali!


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